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Servicio eficiente de carga suelta o consolidada. Despachamos semanalmente los días viernes para Venezuela, con entrega de 5 a 7 días. Desde $3,49 x Libra
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Servicio de bajo costo en el que cliente paga por volumen y no por peso. Despachamos todas las semanas, el tiempo estimado de entrega es entre 4 y 6 semanas. Desde $14 x Pie cúbico
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Servicio de compras para cualquier tipo de mercancía que se ubique en Estados Unidos o Europa, la compramos por usted y se la enviamos para Venezuela
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Naija News Of Today

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My Dear Naija Youths,

For some people, water don pass garri. For many of us, we're stuck in this wilderness free of place to go, no hope for tomorrow. Me, AreaFada, I know what we all are going through right now. Eyes dey see Reddish. The question many are asking is Where's the change assured us? Really, my men, these are crazy times, and many people are about to snarl. I dey feel una perish. Una cup don total.

How many people dey look for jobs wey no dey? See how consistent frustration and stagnation dey destroy many of us! What about the ones who have panned all the good they know dwells in them to become what they themselves dont understand because it has become a fatal rat race and man must survive? I represent you all in this Naija wilderness, filled with this much wickedness. I must confess, I've had periods of lengthy self-pity, occasionally I've felt tricked by this state, several other times I've wished I was still at the prime of my youth so I could take out some of those who've sold our future. Na God go punish dem.

I see how so many of us have lost faith in this state, with many more convinced that there can be no chance of a turnaround, because they see Naija as a lost case. Those that have power and are in power are far too comfortable to see the pain of people who endure, and people who suffer have no power to speak the truth to power. On one hand are those corrupted by power, and on the other are those corrupted by weakness and irrational anxiety. Oh Naija! Which way?

Nevertheless critical our situation is, it's time for the extraordinary Nigerian youth to rescue us, as no state ever develops without breaking away from the clutches of sycophants, mediocrity and narrowminded mindsets.

Stand tall even when you don't have a reason to stand.

However bad things are, I still see rays of light, with the narratives of kids like Akeem Adeyemo who went to graduate with greatest overall consequence after striking multitudes of challenges academically, socially and financially, Ade I hail.

View Adeyemos full story and graphics here.

Another example is Susan Asakpa, who after studying Accounting in the University, combed the streets in search of gainful employment but when there was none, decided to create one by becoming a cabbie.
See her complete story and images here

These are pointers to the fact, that regardless of how awful things are, staying focused, tenacious, and consistent will get us closer to our dreams.

It is well, weather dem like am or not.

A new music reality TV show is set to reward true abilities in Nigeria.

According to the organiser Emeka Godfrey, the reasons for the music reality TV show would be to supply a stage for young, aspiring entertainers to utilize their potentials.
The show promises a mix of entertainment and imagination while providing new music theories, contents, and street sense flavoured with fashion, dance steps, beats and a lot more. The notion behind this can be to discover and develop new African abilities.
In the forthcoming days, celeb guests and judges for the show are expected to be formally announced.

The Lagos state government on Tuesday closed down a fresh lotto company, Naija Lottery, for running without an operating permit and legal permits from the state.

The crackdown was carried out by some officers of the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), who were led by Mr. D.O Umaren and a team of armed employees from the Lagos State Task Force.

The combined team arrived at the Naija Lottery office found in Jibowu area of Lagos state and moved to seal up the company which, they claimed, was operating illegally in Lagos state.
Initially the law enforcers confronted a bit of resistance from the security guards and an officer of the company who attempted to stop them from gaining access to the premises.
Eventually, another staff member of the business intervened, and the LSBS team was permitted to run their enforcement responsibility.

Meanwhile a senior staff of Naija Lottery, just identified as George, maintained that the company was duly operating under the law of Nigeria and had procured a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission which, he said, ensures their services and lotto actions in any area of Nigeria.
He added that anything contrary to the fulfillment of such requirement is a violation of the law and illegal.

Kenyan girls adore foreign guys. That's an open secret. The additional a dude is from Kenya, the better.

Tanzania and Uganda is not foreign. Nigeria and everywhere in West Africa is.

But foreign men believe Kenyan girls are cheapskates.

Consider this example.

Shiro, the dancing queen, was dropping it like its hot, shaking what her mama gave her to the enjoyment of her man who couldnt conceal his excitement.

Trust me, if the man in question was a Kasyoki, Kamande or Ondiek, Kenyan girls would have taken to the streets to protest.

Remember the contentious Nairobi-based Nigerian businessman Anthony Chinedu?

Before he was deported in 2013, he was quoted as saying, We are doing Kenya a favour by marrying their girls. I 've never heard of a Kenyan man marrying a Nigerian...

This resulted in a discourse pegged on why Kenyan girls fall head over heels for Nigerian guys.

This writer spent a couple of days in Nigeria which gave her an opportunity to detect the Naija brodas, some of whom pointedly declared that its cheaper to keep a Kenyan woman when compared to a 247 naija news update one.

But are Kenyan women extremely affordable in the eyes of foreign guys? Perhaps, if you ask those Nigerian brodas our sisters love to bits. And this is why they are low-cost according to the Ogas:

They're easy chips funga

For most Nigerian men, wooing their girls is a service. Damilola Sonji spent four years in Kenya and believes wooing a Kenyan girl is much easier and cheaper than the usual Nigerian, since its tough getting as many one-night stands from them as he got in Kenya.

You see, Nigerian a Kenyan woman is very different. You can meet in a nightclub and find yourself with her in your house without any expectations. Naija girls, on the other hand, expect you to bring down paradises for them. You might even wind up purchasing a house for her before you are able to take her to bed, asserted Damilola.

Desperate for affordable beer

While Kenyan girls readily drown bottles of stouts (without mixing with soda), a Nigerian will only swill stout drinks at her local. The second a Nigerian mom saunters into a club, there is guy already purchasing drinks for her.

Diana Bada, a Russia-born Nigerian musician, who was in Kenya for a month concurs that Kenyan women are, indeed, different.

In Nigeria, its practically evident that women dont spend women in a nightclub. Our men take care of us and thats their responsibility. It does not necessarily mean that you will go home and sleep with him. Its only our culture, said the musician who performed at Ole Sereni in Nairobi, in Kilifi and in Mombasa.

Diana says that she was shocked to see her friend panic when one among their Nigerian friends offered to drop them home.

We went to eat at a Nigerian restaurant and it turned out the owners knew my buddy. They thus news naija.comm offered us a car to drop us dwelling and save us taxi money. We were even given garments by the individuals who also own a fashion house. My friend almost had a heart attack thinking the man needed more.

Sponsor attitude

Socialites have single handedly convinced young girls that there is good life in Nigeria. In reality, today most local girls are posing nude online, revealing their butts hoping someone in Lagos will take note and fly them outside.

Nigerian musician, General Pipe, maintains its not always as rosy as it appears in Nigeria, but is shocked at the lengths Kenyan women go just to tote a Nigerian guy.

I know one Kenyan socialite whose first visit to Nigeria was fatal. She almost slept on the streets, but was rescued by a fellow Kenyan. She spent the remainder of her days cosying up with any guy with a nice footwear. Naija babes can get you pay for their flight to your own country and not show up because they will somehow discover a way to sell the ticket!

They adore to chop, chop about

Kenyan women think its a badge of honour to sleep with a foreigner after understanding their surname.

It was a seminar for Nigerian and Kenyan teachers and we were staying at a high end resort near Valley Road in Nairobi. I know many of these guys are married back at home, so this really came as a shocker. Im not saying that we have been perfect, perhaps we have been simply difficult, said Folorunsho.

They have low self-esteem

Kenyan girls aren't confident as their Naija counterparts. Kenyan lasses are also more reserved. Olamide Ojuon, a Nairobi-based gym educator, says he would date a Kenyan girl, but never wed one. I just feel that Kenyan girls usually are not assured. I wish I could show you the messages I get from girls I've broken up with and how they respond.

They always ask where they went wrong. If a girl is confident, she should know that she's lovely and a guy who leaves her is the loser. I want an aggressive girl. I need to chase someone so when I get them, I wont need to lose them. Perhaps I can just discover that back home, he said.

They have been willing breadwinners

A never-do-well Nigerian man can locate a local lass who can take care of his statements, but for Nigerian girls, that's a no no. A man should provide for you, your friends and family if possible, reasons Chike Adobi. Thats his obligation. For a Naija smasher to get Nigeria with a man, he must be willing to chop cash. No romance without finance, right? she asked, but things usually are not the same here for some women who are willing breadwinners.

Kenyan girls marry anyone

Apart from several instances of powerful families, Kenyan girls easily get married to whoever they fancy and her family only get to know when she has three children who are about to register as voters! a

But when a Naija girl shows interest in a guy, her family starts studying his background.

Union in Nigeria is a very big deal and thats why girls and men dont run into it. When a girl shows interest in a man, the family begins snooping only to learn his background. Thats why Naija girls have become choosy, Nigerian musician Flavor told The Nairobian in an earlier interview to clarify why he was still single.

The Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment, Hajia Aisha Abubakar, on Friday in Abuja said that the ministry would shortly establish a nationwide to encourage Nigerians to patronise made-in Nigieria merchandises.
Abubakar said this at the signing of a footwear production arrangement between Global Smartfit Nigeria Ltd and Labora Shoes Ltd of South Africa in her office.

The campaign is tagged, Patronise Naija Products.

This endeavor is very commendable and there is absolutely no reason why it cannot be supported.

Already, the ministry is furthering the campaign for made-in-Nigeria products, for us in Nigeria to consume what we produce and make what we consume, and even go beyond that to export.

We've the people, we have the brain, we have the resources, and so there's nothing preventing us. As a nation we are proud of our commodities, we are happy with our products.

It really is for the producers to ensure quality. An average Nigerian desires value for money and that is why perhaps in the past you find them patronising even substandard foreign goods with the thinking that they are getting quality.

So, that is a laudable venture, and along with the Patronise Naija Products campaign, which we're going to start very shortly; we are going to support all similar initiatives not only in shoe creation, but in all areas of SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

And I ensure you that the government is doing all it can to further that cause. That is the spirit of the government, we're going to be sure the patronage of made in Nigeria merchandises with all the patriotism of Nigerians that it deserves.

Thus, I commend you, and the foreign partner, it's a really welcome development. So, we trust in no distant future, we will not only be providing the domestic market but also the West African marketplace and also to South Africa.

Mr Ogonna Okonkwo, the Managing Director of Global Smartfit, an indigenous footwear manufacturing company, said the partnership would lead to the establishment of shoe factories in different areas of the state.

Okonkwo listed the economical advantages for the nation to contain job opportunities for Nigerians and local work force development in mechanised shoe generation.

He expressed his readiness to partner with curious state governments in establishing shoe factories in their own domains and training their indigenes in the art for economical development.

Chief Executive Officer of Labora, Mr Desmond Chunderlal, said that Nigerians were deprived of affordable locally made quality footwear due to the lack of a structured footwear business in the nation.

Chunderlal, nevertheless, said that with the partnership, the scenario would soon be revoked for the general development of the nations market.

As they say in these climes, every cloud has a silver lining. The Naira is improbable to recover from the mortal wounds inflicted the pound sterling, by the pugilistically Special American dollar, the Euro and even the Chinese Yuan. Way too many setbacks for one young money.

In Naija, we do t whine about what could be helped, we innovate. We were in the front row at the last Climate Change convention in Paris, although as pictures from the UTC Shopping Complex in Abuja testifies we may not be doing our environment any Fantastic. Give thanks! A thinking state would have summoned the store owners to purchase one Tremendous power set or install solar panels but believing is a hard job that pays dividends which were little.

Early in the year when the tight foreign exchange was booked by Sai Baba for his foreign junkets, some industrialists complained as they Would not have the ability to source for the raw materials at black market speed, might shut down. It was an empty threat - they're Bearing by simply improvising. Parents, including state governments training pupils abroad have found inventive Approaches for fulfilling school fees without bothering the Central Bank.
Authorities houses run without commissioners or would starve workers than reduce their governors convoy. On May Day, most governors appealed for their workers to be considerate and composed. They even dressed down for a few hours and brazed the scorching sun to take solidarity salute. It is among the sacrifices they make for their selfpreservation. State assemblies have displayed come-raid understanding.

Strive Venezuela for size, if you Consider Naija is Assurance. Why did I remember that? Well, one beautiful October morning the late Dora Akunyili, in 2010 appealed with Naija refineries to Venezuela for help. Enrique Fernando Arundeli, naija newspapers update the ambassador threw diplomatic warning to the winds and took Naija to the cleaners. He gloated about how its oil resources have been handled by Venezuela by investing in free education, Wellbeing and enhancing Social infrastructure. Years Later, Hugo Chavez its president perished seeking help from Cuban Doctors. It turned out; Arundeli was being economic with the truth, which is common in diplomacy.
As workers marked May Day last week, while Naijas internal ministry declared one -day public holiday, the Venezuela working week shrunk from five to two days per week. Naturally, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelas new president Aspects his nations energy crisis. Apparently schools, which now run four days per week have been additionally impacted by the drought. It influenced malls mandated to Generate their own electricity and to open for half their normal hours. Seemingly in Venezuela, the drought in addition has impacted Vital commodities as citizens now spend seven hours to purchase soaps, milk and toilet paper - attribute the drought, blame America.
So, for all the Issue of naija news update mobile, here is a frank reason both Ndoma Udo Udoma and Kemi Adeosun should send a message with their pastors to arrange a service that's thanksgiving. Raji Fashola should discuss to his Imam. The Naija market is not good, Nigeria but at least we Have not reduced the amount of Cars in the presidents convoy nor do we have strategies to sell Planes from the air fleet that is presidential.

Some states might not have paid their workers wages but not Edo. Lately, Edo procured a $75 million development loan in the World Bank to pilot development, create employment and generate earnings. I 'm happy to Inform that it is returning dividends although Edolites might not comprehend the manner the magic works.
Edo Simply is not alone, since paying salaries is now a monumental accomplishment in Naija; some governors have found innovative means of filling that yearning. He Arranged to make sure they got the alarm for their May salary while observing May Day with them. This may function as the first Steer that Cross Rivers would be paying wages in advance. This can be another exportable commodity that can advantage Caracas. Next time you see Ambassador Arundeli, tell him - better Venezuelas imagined nirvana s not Real hell than Naija! In case He ist been paid his wages, he should swallow his pride and Discuss to Kemi Adeosun!


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